Qubole offers Presto as a Service

Qubole offers Presto-as-a-Service as part of the Qubole Data Service (QDS).


Presto is an interactive query system that operates fast at petabyte scale. Pioneered by the big data infrastructure team at Facebook, Presto is great option for use cases that involve fast, interactive, simple queries on large data sets. Presto is simple to use as it relies on familiar ANSI SQL and can query multiple data sources like Hive, HBase and relational DBs. Simple queries can run in just a few hundred milliseconds while more complex queries take only a few minutes due to aggressive pipelining.

Understanding that this technology can be of immediate benefit to you, we have spent a considerable amount of time integrating it into the Qubole Data Service (QDS) platform. QDS allows users to launch Presto clusters and start running queries in minutes.

Here's a preview of QDS's Presto-as-a-Service offering in action:

Interactive queries using Presto

We're excited that you are interested in Presto and hope to learn how Presto can fit your needs. Please complete the form on the right and we'll be in touch to help you get the most out of QDS.

Who is Qubole?
Qubole is a leading provider of Big-Data-as-a-Service with the mission of providing a simple, integrated, high-performance Big Data stack that businesses can use to quickly derive actionable insights from their data sources. The award-winning Qubole Data Service offers self-managed and auto-scaling Hadoop in the cloud along with an integrated library of data connectors and an easy-to- use GUI designed to help users focus on their data and transformations.

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